Charities warned not to fall for government’s “work experience” scheme

Voluntary groups have been warned that they could end up exploiting the people that they exist to help if they fall for a new government scheme that is misrepresented as “volunteering” or “work experience”.

The “Community Work Placements” (CWP) will force unemployed people to work with a charity or faith group full-time for six months … Continue reading

Charities should prepare to break law over Lobbying Act

1-dissentNCIA has urged charities and other voluntary groups to consider breaking the law by defying the requirements of the Lobbying Act. The new legislation, nicknamed the Gagging Act, will restrict charities’ expenditure on campaigning and limit their ability to speak up for the people they exist to serve. The new law is framed in such a … Continue reading

More evidence of Big Society sham

Armine_IshkanianThe government’s largely discredited ‘Big Society’ mantra promised to strengthen the capacity of civil society. More evidence of the empty rhetoric that surrounds the idea now comes from LSE’s Armine Ishkanian.  In an article published in Critical Social Policy, Armine examines how “…. The Big Society agenda, coming alongside public spending cuts, is affecting the … Continue reading

What do we want….when do we want it….in 2014!

megaphoneMake a new year resolution – add your name to the list of NCIA signatories and help to build a
public show of alternative voices. People who are ready to act with self-determination for justice and equality. To hold to account, the State and other powerful political, business and financial interests. Help us gather as many signatures as we can and show … Continue reading

Will morality make capitalism kind?

what next?“We are currently witnessing a ruthless colonisation of the world of voluntary action, led by pure ideology  from neo-liberal economics” says NCIA’s Adrian Barritt in the Observer 29.12.13.

Folk at NCIA are always busy, noticing what is happening in the world. Over the holiday period Adrian Barritt, from Adur Voluntary Action spotted this article about the … Continue reading

The new normal – more inequality, worse services

1-not-an-armDespite legislation, campaigning and some additional resources over the last decades, inequalities remain, are getting worse, with xenophobia on the rise. This trend has not been halted by voluntary services. With current governments and ideologies there is no sign of a change of direction.  In this landscape what is happening to elders from black and minority … Continue reading

Equal citizenship – why we need our Welfare State

Simon DuffyHere’s the latest in our series of essays as part of our Inquiry into Voluntary Services. This comes from Simon Duffy of the Centre for Welfare Reform, and Campaign for a Fair Society, who argues that our defence of the Welfare State needs to be rooted in the idea of equal citizenship.

“The purpose of the welfare Continue reading

So Who’s Running the Show?

fat catsOver here at NCIA we often rail on about the apparent shortage of radical voluntary organisations. But maybe we wouldn’t be so surprised if we took the trouble to find out who is running these groups. This is what Mike Barker does in an incisive article called the ‘The Austerity of Charity’. Mike charts the … Continue reading